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April 2020. Chlorine dioxide as a medicine against corona. MMS missionaries (non-religious, or quacks, if you will) offer the chlorine dioxide bleach under the name MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and now say that it is also very effective against corona. That sounds too good to be true. Chlorine dioxide is NOT SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED AS AN ANTIBIOTIC OR MEDICINE . Experts like RIVM and the FDA loudly warn against chlorine dioxide intake because it is toxic. But to underline their statements, they come up with invalid proof. For example they refer to scientific publications in which chlorine dioxide is inhaled (instead of taken orally), or in which the amount or concentration ingested is much higher than with MMS. They make no reference to any study in which chlorine dioxide was taken orally in comparable amounts and concentration as in MMS. So you can say: scientifically, the warnings from RIVM and FDA are unfounded. 


  • ClO2 inhibits PRRSV both in Marc-145 cells and PAMs.
  • The inhibitory effect occurs during viral attachment.
  • ClO2 displays extracellular virucidal activity.
  • The inactivation of PRRSV is mainly driven by viral genome and protein damage.
  • ClO2 inhibits the release of inflammatory cytokines.



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The cedar tree symbolicly planted; a telling sign of how long it takes for a scientific achievement to be applied.

09-sepptember-2020. The recent pandemic lead us to re-evaluate the antiviral effect of this agent”, Zoltán Noszticzius, professor emeritus at the Department of Physics of the Institute of Physics at BME’s Faculty of Natural Sciences revealed to bme-hu, following the publication of an article, written with his colleagues at the department, assistant professor Kristóf Kály-Kullai and associate professor Mária Wittmann, as well as László Rosivall, professor emeritus of Semmelweis University, on the possible application of chlorine dioxide in the fight against coronavirus.


Which bleach would this be ??? Inserting MMS intravenously ... Actually I had already heard about it! 

When you search for MMS, you come across countless warnings. All major government agencies worldwide warn you. You can't just ignore that. That is why I list all warnings and their substantiation. But I also want to put things into perspective. After all, the substantiation must consist of more than quicksand. So where unsound substantiation is raised, I comment on it. But I also promise you: as soon as I come across sound substantiation, I will also report it. Because CLO2 only aims for truth-finding and is certainly not aimed at promoting MMS.

In 2010, the FDA issued a serious warning against oral intake of MMS (read chlorine dioxide!). With the participation of members of the Ugandan Red Cross, 154 members of the local population were administered a high concentration of MMS (read chlorine dioxide) in Luuka, Uganda, in December 2012 to check whether chlorine dioxide, as the drug's creators claim, would be effective are against malaria.

154 human guinea pigs were used to test a high concentration bleach as drug ClO2. A bleach that has never been tested as a medicine by science.

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editor patrick verstraete

April 16, 2020: I ( have a direct telephone conversation with Patrick Verstraete. He was the editor of Proesman's video about his experiment in Luuka / Uganda as well as a video of Mr. Koehof, who repeated this experiment in the same region shortly afterwards.

Chlorine dioxide as a UNTESTED drug. Chlorine dioxide is sold as a medicine under the name of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). If you use chlorine dioxide as a medicine, you are talking about drinking a dilution of ClO2 in water in a high concentration. There are many. whether or not medically approved applications of ClO2 diluted with water. In order to obtain such approval, a product is often tested on test animals. The product therefore determines how it is tested. ClO2 has never been scientifically tested as a medicine. Let's take a closer look at the existing applications. If an application is approved by the RIVM or the FDA, it is only valid for a certain (maximum) quantity and concentration. And that concentration differs per application.

Then we compare the concentrations found with the concentration according to the MMS protocols to see if anything is noticeable here.

How does chlorine dioxide work when you drink it diluted in the concentration and frequency as MMS protocols prescribe? CLO2 takes you on its quest for answers.

ClO2 as a medicine. You are talking about drinking a dilution of ClO2 in water in a certain (high) concentration. CLO2 looked for scientific publications about the effects of taking oral ClO2 diluted with water by humans or animals.

Tip from if you find a research report concerning oral intake of ClO2, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the method of ingestion: oral ( applicable) or inhaled (= inhaled ... not applicable)
  • is it really about intake of pure chlorine dioxide ClO2 , or was it a substance that chemically or in name resembles chlorine dioxide, for example Chlorine ... or a composition of ClO2 with other (by) products that are created by water purification as chloride (Cl - ), chlorite (ClO - ) and chlorate (ClO 3 - ).
  • the amount:  often expressed in mg / (kg Lg) or mg / (kg Lg) / day. kg Lg = ... per kg body weight
  • the concentration:  often expressed in mg per liter (that is the concentration of ClO2 in the water that is drunk
  • the frequency: ClO2, is consumed according to the protocols of MMS for one or several days. When experimenting with laboratory animals such as rats or monkeys, they are often drugged daily or continuously for months to a year.

How much ClO2 do the MMS protocols prescribe? In order to compare the use of MMS with the values ​​from scientific research results, it is necessary to convert from one unit to another. is looking for the highest dose of ClO2 that was used in Uganda to subsequently use this most dangerous concentration as a comparison material. comes out on the following values ​​(not yet verified by anyone else):

Unfortunately, the videos made in Uganda do not mention how great the concentration of ClO2 that people received against malaria. Most plausible is the information provided on one of the websites of MMS sympathizers. After all, MMS sympathizer Leo Koehof was on site and was very well informed. reports that the following concentrations were used.

United States: Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS): Product as consumed produces a potent bleach (English only)


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers not to consume or use Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid solution also known as "Miracle Mineral Supplement" or "MMS" The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.


Chloordioxide wordt met goedkeuring van instanties gebruikt als bleekmiddel en als ontsmettingsmiddel. Als bleekmiddel wordt het o.a. gebruikt in de papierindustrie om papier te bleken. ClO2 en heeft hier als voordeel t.o.v. chloor dat de papiervezels minder worden aangetast en dus sterker blijven. In de electonica-industrie wordt ClO2 gebruikt om circuitborden te reinigen. Als desinfectiemiddel heeft chloordioxide unieke eigenschappen waardoor het al bij lage concentraties zeer effectief is (bron: wordt het gebruikt in:

  • drinkwater
  • voedselontsmettingsmiddel (wordt veel gebruikt in slachterijen)
  • ontsmettingsmiddel voor lucht. Chloordioxide is als zodanig ingezet bij de miltvuuraanval van 2001. Ook schimmels kunnen ermee bestreden worden. Dit werd toegepast in New Orleans na de watersnood veroorzaakt door orkaan Katrina.
  • Als desinfectiemiddel en pesticide wordt het vaak gebruikt in de vorm van een vloeistof en wordt dan ingezet voor huisdieren en vee en de verwerking en opslag van voedsel. In de veehouderij wordt chloordioxide steeds vaker toegepast. Omdat chloordioxide effectief is tegen sporevormende bacteriën, kan het ook worden ingezet tegen anthrax. Read more: