10 may 2021 German Comusav Conference, ClO2 the antidote against COVID-19

10 may 2021 German Comusav Conference ClO2 the antidote against COVID 19

Zoom live-stream, basic language german, but also many English parts

Conferentence chairman: Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg Österreich:

Announces speakers:

  • Andreas Kalcker
  • Dr. Manuel Aparicia (voorzitter COMUSAV)
  • Dr. Eduardo Insignares
  • Dr Hartmut Fischer


0:00: nothing happening
3:15 : start conference
8:15 : lecture of Andreas Kalcker (language German, later, other speakers will repeat a lot of his info in English)

  • preassumptions against ClO2.
  • history of ClO2
  • leveling up from MMS (not pure) to CDS (pure chlorine dioxide solution)
  • WHO / FDA warnings against MMS (not applying on CDS)

13:00: CDS is pH-neutral

13:40: patent Kalcker on Hypoxy (corona problem)

15:15: drinking CDS leads to...

  • increase of oxygen in the blood
  • increase of pH-value of the body
  • decrease of milky acid
  • improvement of createnine-values

16:11: the boiling point of chloordioxide is 11°C (51,8 °F). In the stomach, having a temperature of 36°C (96,8 °F), ClO2 vapourizes into a gas. The ClO2 penetrates the stomach lining and passes the interstium into the bloodvessel. As soon as ClO2 encounters something acidical, “eine protoiezierte zone ???”, that may be: lactic acid, inflammation, virussus, bacteria and fungi, the simple molecule ClO2 dissociates itself.  

17:00: ClO2 is a chlorine-ION. It is not an elementar chloride atom!!! The chlorine ion has a charge. The proces following leads to alkalinisation. Where ClO2 dissociates, oxygen becomes available. The oxygen will only react with virussus. It won't damage body tissue.

20:00: High ferritine-values and high histamine-values because of cytokinestorm are lowered by ClO2

21:50: ClO2 is a very small molecule that can pass any membrane. In sickness the ClO2 can arrive quickly to the cause, oxygizes with the cause and thereby releases oxygen which enable the mitochondria to reactivate

23:00: getting poisened by CDS is impossible

  • In Mexico somebody offered officially a reward of $1.000.000 for the one who can proof toxification of people by use of CDS.

24:39: the chlorine ion dissociates into kitchen salt
25:35: obviously the COVID-statistics in Bolivia are a lot different from surrounding countries like Brasil. In Bolivia chlorine dioxide is used massively as a medicine

26:48: Also in Mexico ClO2 get used a lot, espacially by militair staff. Militaire hospitols leaded the use of chlorine dioxide in Mexico.

27:00: several villages and cities using chlorine dioxide are now declared as a “green zone” (name of Bolivian city was mentioned "samberesequitos??"

28:15: we encounterd COVID-19 patiënts with oxygen < 50% and ferritine > 2000

29:50: many doktors and caretakes have died during the pandemy. Now, next to vaccine, there is another way to protect people against COVID-19.

  • 100% effective in fase 1 and 2a: very short recovery period: 4 to 7 days
  • Covid-19-patiënts past fase 2a needed 20 days to recover from Covid-19
  • Also very effective for profylactisch use: of the 4000 COMUSAV-doktors who used ClO2 profylacticly, nobody got COVID-19
  • Many post-COVID-19d-patiënts: highly effective against these symptoms after 21 dagen of ingestion of CDS

*** End of Kalckers speach ***


Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg (chairman)
32:00: in Austria there is a group of dokters who is supporting the use of chlorine dioxide as a medicine against corona
34:00: question from audience: is ClO2 effectief tegen diabetes type 1?

  • Kalcker: of diabetes type 1 I only know about 1 case of very good results of ClO2
  •  of diabetes type 2 there are many examples of improvement where insuline became unnecessary (until today)

37:00: question about redbrown urine, Herxheimereffect is providing temporary compliants 


Language: ENGLISH!!! (Translation to German is done by interpreter)

39:00: lecture by Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso, COMUSAV chairman woldwide)

  • Thanks to CDS I had the opportunity to cure over 4000 patiënts!
  • 100.000 Mexicanen take profylactische dosis CDS daily. None of them has died of COVID-19. Profylactisch use: 100% effective ??? nobody got sick?
  • CDS vs COVID-19. “The Antidote”
    41:00: vertaling in Duits (herhaling)

CDS vs COVID 19 The Antidote


42:00: Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso introduces himself


The next two images I (CLO2.nl) inserted myself! I want to see the results with my own eyes.  Querétaro is the area in Mexico where Aparicios works:COVID 19 statistics Bolivia

COVID 19 vaccin statistics Bolivia

CLO2.nl: My private conclusion: the drop of COVID-19 patiënts can not (only) be explained by vaccination. The vaccination degree was until 8th of may under 10%.


43:10: Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso starts clearing up old and fundamental misunderstandings about chloride Dioxide and will also explain how we got these misunderstandings.

44:00: Bibliographic evidance:

Potential Therapeutic Use of chlorine Dioxide


  • 51:00 What does the FDA and WHO / PAHO (Pan American Health Organisation) say about ClO2?
    • Chlorine Dioxide LD50 = 94 mg/kg body weight (if you weigh 100 kg, your body can handle 9,4 gram per day during 12 days)
    • De dosis referred as as A. Kalcker is about the dose being used on patiënts against COVID-19. The highest used dose is still over 10x lower than the LOAEL.
    • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Warns Seller Marketing Dangerous Chlorine Dioxide Products that Claim to Treat or Prevent COVID-19
      1. 51:45 False assumption: Respiratory failure caused by a serious condition where the amount of oxygen carried through the blood stream is greatly reduced (methemoglobinemia);
        • CORRECT INFO! 340 patiënst shows in 99,38% of the cases the SpO2 in the blood goes > 90% in 15 days when using CDS
      2. 53:35: False assumption: Changes in the electrical activity of the heart (QT prolongation), which may lead to potentially fatal abnormal heart rhythms;
        • CORRECT INFO! 50 healthy patients that used CDS as a profylactic treatment against COVID-19 over a 6 month period show all normal QTC Bazzett formula. 0% showed QT prolongation (7% would be normal).
      3. 57:30 False assumption: Life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration;
        • CORRECT INFO! Testresults on patiënts using ClO2 show no effects of dehydration or lower blood pressureeffect of clo2 on hydration
      4. 58:45 False assumption: Acute liver failure;
        • CORRECT INFO! All values are normal and show no liver failureeffect of CDS on liver failure

        59:40 : False assumption: Low blood cell counts, due to the destruction of red blood cells faster than the body can make it (hemolytic anemia), which required a blood transfusion;
        • CORRECT INFO! Only very minor changes, no blood transfusion requiredblood cell counts using clo2
      6. 1:01:08 False assumption: CCDS causes severe vomiting and severe diarrhea;

        • CORRECT INFO!  Healhy people who use ClO2 profylactic show only 4,2% temperary adverse effect because of Herxheimer effect for 1 to 3 days. By lowering the dose, these effects disappeared immediatly.
      7. 1:03:00 False assumption:  La OPS no recomienda tomar productos que contengan dióxido de cloro, clorito de sodio, hipoclorito de sodio o derivados 16 de julio del 2020 OPS: (PAHO does not recommend taking products that contain chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite or derivatives July 16, 2020)
        • False assumption: Chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite react rapidly in human tissues and, if used ingested can cause irritation of the mouth, esophagus and stomach, with a digestive picture severe irritant, with the presence of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, in addition to serious disorders hematological (methemoglobinemia, hemolysis, etc.), cardiovascular and renal.
        • CORRECT INFO!  All levels that indicate kidney-functioning remained normal or improved to bettereffects of cds on renal failure
        • False assumption:  CDS cuases irratition of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and severe irritation of the whole gigestive system:
          • CORRECT INFO!  The pH of CDS is 6, which makes is simply impossible to cause this. And do not forget, CDS is not to be ingested pure, but further soluted. If correctly soluted, the pH of CDS will allmost be neutral.

1:08:30: All of the false assumptions of WHO/FDA/PAHO are based on ingesting Sodium Chlorite, not CDS.

CLO2.nl: when you are using MMS (the old style) instead of CDS (the new standard) you would be mixing sodium chlorite and an acid. If you didn't mix it in the right amounts, you might end up ingesting an amount of sodium chlorite, which could cause all of the health risks mentioned bij WHO/FDA/PAHO.


1:09:00: Statistic Analysis (Retrospective)

  • 2300 patiënts treated by Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso
    1. Profylaxis of COVID-19
    2. Treatment of COVID-19
    3. Long Term Effects of COVID-19


1:10:00:  Profylaxis of COVID-19

Detailed info about the used dose... see for yourself!

profylactisch effect off chlorine dioxide

1:13:00: Effectiveness of CDS Preventive Protocol in retrospective study

  • 1172 relatives in close contact with COVID-patiënts
  • period: over 6 months
  • consumed CDS dosis: 10 ml/day 
  • 1:15:00: Effectiviteit:
    • 90,27% never showed any symptoms of COVID-19
    • 9,72% got sporadic very mild symptoms and recovered from them in 1 tot 4 days, doubling the dose of CDS. None of them got resiratory failure
    • 0,85% from 1172 (10 patiënts) devellope Moderate Symptoms, they suspended the treatment and got additional treatment (alopathic), all of them survived


1:18:00 Effectiveness of CDS Treatment Protocol in retrospective study 

COVID 19 Protocols


effectiveness of CDS COVID 19 treatment


  • 1137 patiënts having COVID-19 symptoms, having COVID-19 diagnose
  • 99,12% (1127 people) patiënts survived
  • 0,88% (10 people) died in Intensive Care Unit (none off them had received profylactic treatment)
    • none of them had used CDS profylactic
    • 3 of them had mild symptoms, the died because they stopped using CDS and they did not get better
      • 0,34% of patiënts had mild symptoms and died because ther stopped the CDS treatment
      • CLO2.nl: why did they stop CDS-treatment?
      • Was that their own choice?
      • did they dye because they stopped using CDS???)
      • all of the deceased patiënst had co-morbilities like oncontrolled diabetes and obasity (1:30:24)
    • 6 of them had moderate symptoms (CLO2.nl: did they also stop CDS-treatment???)
    • 1 of them had severe COVID-19 symptoms, he recieved a higher dose of CDS when he went low on oxygen (CLO2.nl: did he also stop CDS-treatment???)
  • Conclusion: the results obtained from this retrospective study shows that the survival rate of COVID-19 confirmed + patiënst that consume CDS in therapeutic basis (0,5 - 3 mg / kg LG / day) the survivalrate is 99,3% (95%Cl, 98,98 - 99,61 %) (CLO2.nl:  CDS in therapeutic basis... are we talking about the profylactic use here?) 


1:22:00 Long Term Effects (post-COVID-19) of CDS Treatment Protocol in retrospective study 

medrvix Long Term Analyses

Source: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.01.27.21250617v2 (d.d.: 27-01-2021)

"It was estimated that 80% (95% CI 65-92) of the patients that were infected with SARS-CoV-2 developed one or more long-term symptoms. The five most common symptoms were fatigue (58%), headache (44%), attention disorder (27%), hair loss (25%), and dyspnea (24%)."

1:23:00: Long Term: patiënts mentioned in this research were interviewed 3 month after having COVID-19. None of them had treatment with CDS. They all got conventional treatment.

post COVID 19 effects comparing CDS treatment to traditional treatment

1:24:30: Conclusion: with a Wilcoxon index of p = 0,00021 we can be sure that using CDS-treatment, post COVID-19 effects are 75% lower compared to traditional treatment.

1:26:00: Advantages of CDS-treatment versus tradiotional treatment of COVID-19

  • extremely economic (10 to 12 dollar a person on medicine)
  • completely safe at the referred dosis
  • high profylactic 92,34% and therapeutical effect 99,3%
  • < 1% no hospitalizsation (unpredictable savings)
  • Post COVID-19 Long Terms Effects dramatically reduces (to 25% comparered to other treatments)


Questions from doktors in the meeting of this conference.

  • 1:31:17 Question: Which other therapeutic treatment do you use beside CDS? 
    • Aparicio:
      • I allmost don't use anything besides CDS on COVID-19
      • if a patiënt is already having treatment from another doctor and then comes to me, I suggest this patiënt to continu this full treatment.
      • If a patiënt suggests Ivermectine or vitamine-supplements (vit D!), I say: go ahead. You can do it.
      • But... as for me, the main treatment is CDS.
      • In patiënts who have an advanced pulmanairy illness I added dexamethasone and anti-"....???", only that!
    • Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: When people are using vitimine C parallel to CDS, what will happen?
      • Aparicio: CDS is an oxydant, vitamine C is an anti-oxydant. Vitamin C deactivates Chlorine Dioxide immediatly. They neutralize each others effect, none of them will work when you use them together. Vitimine C can still be used over the night, when you don't take the CDS.
      • At the start of the treatment it is important to spread the use of CDS over the whole day. Once patiënts recover, they get CDS less frequent which provides a timewindow to use vitamine C at night.
    • Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: talking about vitamine D and zinc in combination with CDS. Her point is still not clear to me!

 Dr. Aparicio-Alsonso: soon there will be published three papers about the effectiveness of CDS. 

  • one about profylactic use to prevent from COVID-19
  • one about use as a treatment against COVID-19
  • one about the effectiveness of CDS against post- COVID-19 Long-Term-Effects

*** End of Aparicio's lecture ***





Dr Hartmut Fischer

2:22:00 : Lecture of Dr. Hartmut Fisscher

CLO2.nl: to me Dr. Hartmut Fischer was a very interesting speaker because a lot of his info was new to me.


  • physics
  • chemistry
  • biofysiek (specialisation chemistry)
  • pharmacology
  • therapist since 2010

Using Chlorine Dioxide since 2010

Ways to ingest Chlorine Dioxide

  • oral ingestion
  • absorbtion through skin, for example footbath
  • injecting
  • infusion

ClO2 and DMSO can be combined.

Dr. hartmut Fischer has a lot of experience injecting ClO2.

Cystine has a free SH-group (Sulfer-Hydrogengroup) that can easiliy oxydated.

A lot of virusses can be eliminated used CDS. Using CDS infusions For example:

  • Herpes virusses
  • Flue

2:28:30: The CDS infusions were very relaible in treatment of illnesses caused by these virusses. Starting from the fisrt infusion the patiënt should notice conciderable health improvement. If used against shingles, the immens pain/itch will enlighten very quickly.

CDS infusions can be applied:

  • intravenous
  • rectal (a way that to my surprice is still very unknown + giving some practical detail about how to apply rectal infusions)
    • can also be applied without help
    • the (slow) speed of drops can be ajusted 
    • the CDS will be completely absorbed in the intestine
    • big advantage of this application: can also be easily applied in poor countries with low cost health equipment
    • very applicant to patiënts who's sickness is develloping very quickly and to patiënts with many complications
    • option: adding magnesiumionen to the solution (magnesiumsulfaatampuls or magnesiumchlorite-ampuls 
    • very cheap
    • very effective

Chlorine Dioxide will eliminate all virusses

Chlorine Dioxide will eliminate a lot of bacteria. Bacteria are living creatures which sometimes can be ...

CDS can be bought from the internet. I prefer every user to create their own fresh MMS using hydrochloric acid. (???) The advantage of MMS above CDS is: the hydrochloric acid provides most pressure and will  push the Chlorine Dioxide out. (???)

2:43:00 ; About the use of lactate as an activator: this a good alternative because there are some patents from the seventees that show that.

The lactate

  • is pH-neutral
  • stabilizes ClO2, enabling it to penetrate deeper in the bloodstream
  • has a positive effect on the pH-value.

More severe sick COVID-19 patiënts show higher levels of lactate, which can be expected because of the higher physical stress-level. Especially in these cases, lactaat would be a better option because it is stabilased enabeling the ClO2, to circulate longer.

The combination with DMSO

A combination with DMSO is meaningful when next to ClO2 anticoagulantia (trombose-stoppers) are being used. DMSO has a positive effect on the viscosity of the blood. Besides this DMSO has the advantages:

  • regenative effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect

Dr. Hartmut Fisscher mentiones videos that shows the infusions. Everybody who can do an infusion, can do this one too.

How much and how often should one use an infusion: there is no general answer to this question.

  • when severe sich: daily
  • later twice a week
  • 500ml infusion with 5 to 10 mg ClO2, depending on personal differences like
    • weight,
    • the nature of the symptoms,
    • the condition of the patient, 
  • magnesiumsalt-solutions, coming in the shape of ampuls

2:50:00 Sterilazing the equipment: CDS is a steralizer in itself. Sterilasation is nothing to worry about.

A lot of talk about the dose of chlorine dioxide whichs seems to be nothing to worry about too much.


*** end of lecture of Dr. hartmut Fischer ***













3:00:00 : Andreas Klacker

Specific case:

  • Ferritine > 2400 
  • Oxygensaturation 48%
  • ... not understandable

This patient got 4 intravenous infusions and a rectal infusion and a gavage. He survived!

The best pH-value for infusions = 7,6


3:03:30 : Aparicio: intravenious dose CDI: I20-protocol

I always use intravenious CDS better CDI for patiënts that do not respond to oral treatment or 'nema'(???)-treatment

The preferred way to start is the i20-protocol which consists of 20 cc of ClO2 in 500 cc of water or ... 'ranger'(???) without lactate solution.

3:04:30 : Question: Does the frequence of oral intake of CDS disturb the intestinal microbiological balance causing ...(???), acid reflux etc...?
Answer Aparicio: if the CDS is well prepared and it has a normal pH of around 6, then, when you combine it with water, the pH goes up to 6,8 to 7,0, take it orally, it should not cause any problems. And when you use it for a long term, it does not alter the microbiota. We don't have any reports of this, while some patiënts used it over 12 months.


*** Dr. Manual Aparicio-Alonso has to leave the conference because duty calls ***


3:03:50 : Andreas kalcker, i would like to add something to this topic:

There is a difference between MMS and CDS. We could measure that the gas of CDS got completely absorbed by the stomach. The gas doesn't even arrive in the intestines! Mixture of CDS and stomach temperature have an effect on absorbtion. That's why there is no influence on microbiotica in the intestines.

clo2 in stomachCLO2.nl: I add this info myself, combining info gathered: ClO2 vapourizes at 11°C. So it vapourizes in the stomach. Let me visualize this.


Question to Dr. Hartman Fisscher about H2O2.

Answer of Dr. Hartman Fisscher about H2O2.

CLO2.nl: I am not going into detail about the question. Dr. Fisscher does not regard this question as off topic, but I do ;) In the end, if you are a doctor, you should be able to overview all options, including the tools and advantages H2O2 provides.


Question of Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg:

If you use CDS intravious (CDI), what can ozon add to this treatment?

Answer Dr. Fisscher: there are different ways how to supply ozon, mostly, when dokters use ozon, they use the so-called 'HOT'-treatment

  • they withdraw an amount of blood,
  • add ozon to the blood bubbling up, 
  • infuse the blood again to the body

It is not that it would expect a disadvantage, but this ading ozon this way would not add up something to the use of CDI.

Andreas Kalcker: there is a big difference between ClO2 and ozon-therapy: ozon needs 'erytrocytes' as a carrier, ClO2 does not. Erytrocytes are big, ClO2 molecules are extreme small (picometres) and therefore have an much better abilities to penetrate.

2nd big difference: ozon brings two electrons, and ClO2 just one

3:13:40 : Andreas Kalcker is talking about dose of CDS, mixing down to the right dose to be used.... (CLO2.nl: not so interesting to me now, listen yourself!)

comusav law inforcementAntonio Ani Vilchez


3:19:00 : Dr. Antonio Ani Vilchez talks about juridic rights. See for yourself!