Dr Hartmut Fischer

2:22:00 : Lecture of Dr. Hartmut Fisscher to me Dr. Hartmut Fischer was a very interesting speaker because a lot of his info was new to me.


Using Chlorine Dioxide since 2010

Ways to ingest Chlorine Dioxide

ClO2 and DMSO can be combined.

Dr. hartmut Fischer has a lot of experience injecting ClO2.

Cystine has a free SH-group (Sulfer-Hydrogengroup) that can easiliy oxydated.

A lot of virusses can be eliminated used CDS. Using CDS infusions For example:

2:28:30: The CDS infusions were very relaible in treatment of illnesses caused by these virusses. Starting from the fisrt infusion the patiënt should notice conciderable health improvement. If used against shingles, the immens pain/itch will enlighten very quickly.

CDS infusions can be applied:

Chlorine Dioxide will eliminate all virusses

Chlorine Dioxide will eliminate a lot of bacteria. Bacteria are living creatures which sometimes can be ...

CDS can be bought from the internet. I prefer every user to create their own fresh MMS using hydrochloric acid. (???) The advantage of MMS above CDS is: the hydrochloric acid provides most pressure and will  push the Chlorine Dioxide out. (???)

2:43:00 ; About the use of lactate as an activator: this a good alternative because there are some patents from the seventees that show that.

The lactate

More severe sick COVID-19 patiënts show higher levels of lactate, which can be expected because of the higher physical stress-level. Especially in these cases, lactaat would be a better option because it is stabilased enabeling the ClO2, to circulate longer.

The combination with DMSO

A combination with DMSO is meaningful when next to ClO2 anticoagulantia (trombose-stoppers) are being used. DMSO has a positive effect on the viscosity of the blood. Besides this DMSO has the advantages:

Dr. Hartmut Fisscher mentiones videos that shows the infusions. Everybody who can do an infusion, can do this one too.

How much and how often should one use an infusion: there is no general answer to this question.

2:50:00 Sterilazing the equipment: CDS is a steralizer in itself. Sterilasation is nothing to worry about.

A lot of talk about the dose of chlorine dioxide whichs seems to be nothing to worry about too much.


*** end of lecture of Dr. hartmut Fischer ***