3:00:00 : Andreas Klacker

Specific case:

  • Ferritine > 2400 
  • Oxygensaturation 48%
  • ... not understandable

This patient got 4 intravenous infusions and a rectal infusion and a gavage. He survived!

The best pH-value for infusions = 7,6


3:03:30 : Aparicio: intravenious dose CDI: I20-protocol

I always use intravenious CDS better CDI for patiënts that do not respond to oral treatment or 'nema'(???)-treatment

The preferred way to start is the i20-protocol which consists of 20 cc of ClO2 in 500 cc of water or ... 'ranger'(???) without lactate solution.

3:04:30 : Question: Does the frequence of oral intake of CDS disturb the intestinal microbiological balance causing ...(???), acid reflux etc...?
Answer Aparicio: if the CDS is well prepared and it has a normal pH of around 6, then, when you combine it with water, the pH goes up to 6,8 to 7,0, take it orally, it should not cause any problems. And when you use it for a long term, it does not alter the microbiota. We don't have any reports of this, while some patiënts used it over 12 months.


*** Dr. Manual Aparicio-Alonso has to leave the conference because duty calls ***


3:03:50 : Andreas kalcker, i would like to add something to this topic:

There is a difference between MMS and CDS. We could measure that the gas of CDS got completely absorbed by the stomach. The gas doesn't even arrive in the intestines! Mixture of CDS and stomach temperature have an effect on absorbtion. That's why there is no influence on microbiotica in the intestines.

clo2 in stomachCLO2.nl: I add this info myself, combining info gathered: ClO2 vapourizes at 11°C. So it vapourizes in the stomach. Let me visualize this.


Question to Dr. Hartman Fisscher about H2O2.

Answer of Dr. Hartman Fisscher about H2O2.

CLO2.nl: I am not going into detail about the question. Dr. Fisscher does not regard this question as off topic, but I do ;) In the end, if you are a doctor, you should be able to overview all options, including the tools and advantages H2O2 provides.


Question of Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg:

If you use CDS intravious (CDI), what can ozon add to this treatment?

Answer Dr. Fisscher: there are different ways how to supply ozon, mostly, when dokters use ozon, they use the so-called 'HOT'-treatment

  • they withdraw an amount of blood,
  • add ozon to the blood bubbling up, 
  • infuse the blood again to the body

It is not that it would expect a disadvantage, but this ading ozon this way would not add up something to the use of CDI.

Andreas Kalcker: there is a big difference between ClO2 and ozon-therapy: ozon needs 'erytrocytes' as a carrier, ClO2 does not. Erytrocytes are big, ClO2 molecules are extreme small (picometres) and therefore have an much better abilities to penetrate.

2nd big difference: ozon brings two electrons, and ClO2 just one

3:13:40 : Andreas Kalcker is talking about dose of CDS, mixing down to the right dose to be used.... (CLO2.nl: not so interesting to me now, listen yourself!)

comusav law inforcementAntonio Ani Vilchez


3:19:00 : Dr. Antonio Ani Vilchez talks about juridic rights. See for yourself!