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39:00: lecture by Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso, COMUSAV chairman woldwide)

  • Thanks to CDS I had the opportunity to cure over 4000 patiënts!
  • 100.000 Mexicanen take profylactische dosis CDS daily. None of them has died of COVID-19. Profylactisch use: 100% effective ??? nobody got sick?
  • CDS vs COVID-19. “The Antidote”
    41:00: vertaling in Duits (herhaling)

CDS vs COVID 19 The Antidote


42:00: Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso introduces himself


The next two images I ( inserted myself! I want to see the results with my own eyes.  Querétaro is the area in Mexico where Aparicios works:COVID 19 statistics Bolivia

COVID 19 vaccin statistics Bolivia My private conclusion: the drop of COVID-19 patiënts can not (only) be explained by vaccination. The vaccination degree was until 8th of may under 10%.


43:10: Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso starts clearing up old and fundamental misunderstandings about chloride Dioxide and will also explain how we got these misunderstandings.

44:00: Bibliographic evidance:

Potential Therapeutic Use of chlorine Dioxide


  • 51:00 What does the FDA and WHO / PAHO (Pan American Health Organisation) say about ClO2?
    • Chlorine Dioxide LD50 = 94 mg/kg body weight (if you weigh 100 kg, your body can handle 9,4 gram per day during 12 days)
    • De dosis referred as as A. Kalcker is about the dose being used on patiënts against COVID-19. The highest used dose is still over 10x lower than the LOAEL.
    • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Warns Seller Marketing Dangerous Chlorine Dioxide Products that Claim to Treat or Prevent COVID-19
      1. 51:45 False assumption: Respiratory failure caused by a serious condition where the amount of oxygen carried through the blood stream is greatly reduced (methemoglobinemia);
        • CORRECT INFO! 340 patiënst shows in 99,38% of the cases the SpO2 in the blood goes > 90% in 15 days when using CDS
      2. 53:35: False assumption: Changes in the electrical activity of the heart (QT prolongation), which may lead to potentially fatal abnormal heart rhythms;
        • CORRECT INFO! 50 healthy patients that used CDS as a profylactic treatment against COVID-19 over a 6 month period show all normal QTC Bazzett formula. 0% showed QT prolongation (7% would be normal).
      3. 57:30 False assumption: Life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration;
        • CORRECT INFO! Testresults on patiënts using ClO2 show no effects of dehydration or lower blood pressureeffect of clo2 on hydration
      4. 58:45 False assumption: Acute liver failure;
        • CORRECT INFO! All values are normal and show no liver failureeffect of CDS on liver failure

        59:40 : False assumption: Low blood cell counts, due to the destruction of red blood cells faster than the body can make it (hemolytic anemia), which required a blood transfusion;
        • CORRECT INFO! Only very minor changes, no blood transfusion requiredblood cell counts using clo2
      6. 1:01:08 False assumption: CCDS causes severe vomiting and severe diarrhea;

        • CORRECT INFO!  Healhy people who use ClO2 profylactic show only 4,2% temperary adverse effect because of Herxheimer effect for 1 to 3 days. By lowering the dose, these effects disappeared immediatly.
      7. 1:03:00 False assumption:  La OPS no recomienda tomar productos que contengan dióxido de cloro, clorito de sodio, hipoclorito de sodio o derivados 16 de julio del 2020 OPS: (PAHO does not recommend taking products that contain chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite or derivatives July 16, 2020)
        • False assumption: Chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite react rapidly in human tissues and, if used ingested can cause irritation of the mouth, esophagus and stomach, with a digestive picture severe irritant, with the presence of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, in addition to serious disorders hematological (methemoglobinemia, hemolysis, etc.), cardiovascular and renal.
        • CORRECT INFO!  All levels that indicate kidney-functioning remained normal or improved to bettereffects of cds on renal failure
        • False assumption:  CDS cuases irratition of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and severe irritation of the whole gigestive system:
          • CORRECT INFO!  The pH of CDS is 6, which makes is simply impossible to cause this. And do not forget, CDS is not to be ingested pure, but further soluted. If correctly soluted, the pH of CDS will allmost be neutral.

1:08:30: All of the false assumptions of WHO/FDA/PAHO are based on ingesting Sodium Chlorite, not CDS. when you are using MMS (the old style) instead of CDS (the new standard) you would be mixing sodium chlorite and an acid. If you didn't mix it in the right amounts, you might end up ingesting an amount of sodium chlorite, which could cause all of the health risks mentioned bij WHO/FDA/PAHO.


1:09:00: Statistic Analysis (Retrospective)

  • 2300 patiënts treated by Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso
    1. Profylaxis of COVID-19
    2. Treatment of COVID-19
    3. Long Term Effects of COVID-19


1:10:00:  Profylaxis of COVID-19

Detailed info about the used dose... see for yourself!

profylactisch effect off chlorine dioxide

1:13:00: Effectiveness of CDS Preventive Protocol in retrospective study

  • 1172 relatives in close contact with COVID-patiënts
  • period: over 6 months
  • consumed CDS dosis: 10 ml/day 
  • 1:15:00: Effectiviteit:
    • 90,27% never showed any symptoms of COVID-19
    • 9,72% got sporadic very mild symptoms and recovered from them in 1 tot 4 days, doubling the dose of CDS. None of them got resiratory failure
    • 0,85% from 1172 (10 patiënts) devellope Moderate Symptoms, they suspended the treatment and got additional treatment (alopathic), all of them survived


1:18:00 Effectiveness of CDS Treatment Protocol in retrospective study 

COVID 19 Protocols


effectiveness of CDS COVID 19 treatment


  • 1137 patiënts having COVID-19 symptoms, having COVID-19 diagnose
  • 99,12% (1127 people) patiënts survived
  • 0,88% (10 people) died in Intensive Care Unit (none off them had received profylactic treatment)
    • none of them had used CDS profylactic
    • 3 of them had mild symptoms, the died because they stopped using CDS and they did not get better
      • 0,34% of patiënts had mild symptoms and died because ther stopped the CDS treatment
      • why did they stop CDS-treatment?
      • Was that their own choice?
      • did they dye because they stopped using CDS???)
      • all of the deceased patiënst had co-morbilities like oncontrolled diabetes and obasity (1:30:24)
    • 6 of them had moderate symptoms ( did they also stop CDS-treatment???)
    • 1 of them had severe COVID-19 symptoms, he recieved a higher dose of CDS when he went low on oxygen ( did he also stop CDS-treatment???)
  • Conclusion: the results obtained from this retrospective study shows that the survival rate of COVID-19 confirmed + patiënst that consume CDS in therapeutic basis (0,5 - 3 mg / kg LG / day) the survivalrate is 99,3% (95%Cl, 98,98 - 99,61 %) (  CDS in therapeutic basis... are we talking about the profylactic use here?) 


1:22:00 Long Term Effects (post-COVID-19) of CDS Treatment Protocol in retrospective study 

medrvix Long Term Analyses

Source: (d.d.: 27-01-2021)

"It was estimated that 80% (95% CI 65-92) of the patients that were infected with SARS-CoV-2 developed one or more long-term symptoms. The five most common symptoms were fatigue (58%), headache (44%), attention disorder (27%), hair loss (25%), and dyspnea (24%)."

1:23:00: Long Term: patiënts mentioned in this research were interviewed 3 month after having COVID-19. None of them had treatment with CDS. They all got conventional treatment.

post COVID 19 effects comparing CDS treatment to traditional treatment

1:24:30: Conclusion: with a Wilcoxon index of p = 0,00021 we can be sure that using CDS-treatment, post COVID-19 effects are 75% lower compared to traditional treatment.

1:26:00: Advantages of CDS-treatment versus tradiotional treatment of COVID-19

  • extremely economic (10 to 12 dollar a person on medicine)
  • completely safe at the referred dosis
  • high profylactic 92,34% and therapeutical effect 99,3%
  • < 1% no hospitalizsation (unpredictable savings)
  • Post COVID-19 Long Terms Effects dramatically reduces (to 25% comparered to other treatments)


Questions from doktors in the meeting of this conference.

  • 1:31:17 Question: Which other therapeutic treatment do you use beside CDS? 
    • Aparicio:
      • I allmost don't use anything besides CDS on COVID-19
      • if a patiënt is already having treatment from another doctor and then comes to me, I suggest this patiënt to continu this full treatment.
      • If a patiënt suggests Ivermectine or vitamine-supplements (vit D!), I say: go ahead. You can do it.
      • But... as for me, the main treatment is CDS.
      • In patiënts who have an advanced pulmanairy illness I added dexamethasone and anti-"....???", only that!
    • Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: When people are using vitimine C parallel to CDS, what will happen?
      • Aparicio: CDS is an oxydant, vitamine C is an anti-oxydant. Vitamin C deactivates Chlorine Dioxide immediatly. They neutralize each others effect, none of them will work when you use them together. Vitimine C can still be used over the night, when you don't take the CDS.
      • At the start of the treatment it is important to spread the use of CDS over the whole day. Once patiënts recover, they get CDS less frequent which provides a timewindow to use vitamine C at night.
    • Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: talking about vitamine D and zinc in combination with CDS. Her point is still not clear to me!

 Dr. Aparicio-Alsonso: soon there will be published three papers about the effectiveness of CDS. 

  • one about profylactic use to prevent from COVID-19
  • one about use as a treatment against COVID-19
  • one about the effectiveness of CDS against post- COVID-19 Long-Term-Effects

*** End of Aparicio's lecture ***