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39:00: lecture by Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso, COMUSAV chairman woldwide)

CDS vs COVID 19 The Antidote


42:00: Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso introduces himself


The next two images I ( inserted myself! I want to see the results with my own eyes.  Querétaro is the area in Mexico where Aparicios works:COVID 19 statistics Bolivia

COVID 19 vaccin statistics Bolivia My private conclusion: the drop of COVID-19 patiënts can not (only) be explained by vaccination. The vaccination degree was until 8th of may under 10%.


43:10: Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso starts clearing up old and fundamental misunderstandings about chloride Dioxide and will also explain how we got these misunderstandings.

44:00: Bibliographic evidance:

Potential Therapeutic Use of chlorine Dioxide


1:08:30: All of the false assumptions of WHO/FDA/PAHO are based on ingesting Sodium Chlorite, not CDS. when you are using MMS (the old style) instead of CDS (the new standard) you would be mixing sodium chlorite and an acid. If you didn't mix it in the right amounts, you might end up ingesting an amount of sodium chlorite, which could cause all of the health risks mentioned bij WHO/FDA/PAHO.


1:09:00: Statistic Analysis (Retrospective)


1:10:00:  Profylaxis of COVID-19

Detailed info about the used dose... see for yourself!

profylactisch effect off chlorine dioxide

1:13:00: Effectiveness of CDS Preventive Protocol in retrospective study


1:18:00 Effectiveness of CDS Treatment Protocol in retrospective study 

COVID 19 Protocols


effectiveness of CDS COVID 19 treatment



1:22:00 Long Term Effects (post-COVID-19) of CDS Treatment Protocol in retrospective study 

medrvix Long Term Analyses

Source: (d.d.: 27-01-2021)

"It was estimated that 80% (95% CI 65-92) of the patients that were infected with SARS-CoV-2 developed one or more long-term symptoms. The five most common symptoms were fatigue (58%), headache (44%), attention disorder (27%), hair loss (25%), and dyspnea (24%)."

1:23:00: Long Term: patiënts mentioned in this research were interviewed 3 month after having COVID-19. None of them had treatment with CDS. They all got conventional treatment.

post COVID 19 effects comparing CDS treatment to traditional treatment

1:24:30: Conclusion: with a Wilcoxon index of p = 0,00021 we can be sure that using CDS-treatment, post COVID-19 effects are 75% lower compared to traditional treatment.

1:26:00: Advantages of CDS-treatment versus tradiotional treatment of COVID-19


Questions from doktors in the meeting of this conference.

 Dr. Aparicio-Alsonso: soon there will be published three papers about the effectiveness of CDS. 

*** End of Aparicio's lecture ***