Oral ingestion of Chlorine dioxide results in tumor cell acidification of the alkaline pH of cancer cells (assumption!)


A first patient with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas has decided, on his own, to refuse chemotherapy but to treat himself with lipoïc acid, hydroxycitrate combined with oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide. His blood tests and radiological examinations have almost normalized and the disease is stable at 18 months. Another patient with hormone resistant metastatic prostate cancer has experienced a sharp drop in PSA level as well as improved medical condition. It is our hypothesis (albeit unproven) that chlorine dioxide results in tumor cell acidification of the alkaline pH of cancer cells.

Discussion and conclusion:
It is our hypothesis that chlorine dioxide decreased the intracellular pH. Correcting the intracellular pH may be an alternative or an adjunct to a metabolic treatment as there is extensive literature that many effective cancer treatments decrease the intracellular pH: literature on increased survival support for the combined use of antacids (which prevent proton extrusion from the tumour cells) with standard chemotherapy.

Source: https://www.cancertreatmentjournal.com/articles/chlorine-dioxide-as-a-possible-adjunct-to-metabolic-treatment.pdf

https://guerir-du-cancer.fr/ (Dr. Laurent Schwartz)

Chlorine dioxide as a possible adjunct to metabolic treatment