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Dr Sandro MoncadaDr. Sandro Moncada: "After starting with the CDI, Intravenous Chlorine Dioxide, in 48 hours we have a resolution of the virus symptoms of more than 50%"

Source: Madrid Markt 13 november 2020

Dr. Sandro Moncada is vice-chairman of COMUSAV Nord-Mexico. He has his own privat-clinic and he is now specialist in the treatment of covid-19 using chlorine dioxide.

"Chlorine dioxide should be used for patiƫnts who suffer from acute Cerebrovascular disease in which CDS can supply oxygen to prevent the neurons from getting damaged."

The results of usage of chlorine dioxide are excellent: most patients cure in four days.

If the patient is very sick of corona, suffering from complications such as kidney-failure, heart-failure, problems of coagulation.. this can be a disadvantage for every treatment, including chlorine dioxide. So you better start as early as possible, when the patients condition is not too bad.

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