You think you know cancer. You are hoping your doctor is getting this disease under control. It is not so. Cancer is still largely a “terra incognita”. This text is the result of long reflections and experiments carried out by many physicians, researchers and patients who wanted the tragedy of cancer to end. We have erased the names of individual contributors, to focus on the discovery of an effective cancer treatment. To understand cancer, we had to break free from outdated dogmas and go back to the laws of physics, which are universal. This shift toward true science was only possible with the emergence of new players in the field of oncology, mathematians and physicists.

The genius of the ancients was to understand that the stone is only a series of atoms. The fall of the stone to the ground, animated by gravity alone, is written by simple equations. It took us the same courage to admit that we are, like everything else, neutrons, protons, electrons and energy. We needed audacity to understand that these are the same laws that explain inert matter as well as living things. Understanding cancer was only possible through a mathematical analysis of living things. Our cells are neither good nor bad or even crazy, they simply respond to the laws of physics. Our work has been to examine the sick, with the eye of the mathematician to infer the laws of physics that explain these diseases. Then test the hypotheses, first on cells and then on mice. This long road we have traveled gives us a glimpse of a solution to find a cure for cancer.

The goal of this text is to share our understanding, instill hope and remove the last obstacles. Some intuitions explained here have yet to be supported by new experiments and, above all, clinical trials must prove (or disprove) our hypotheses . For the non-scientist, this text may seem difficult, because a detour through physics is necessary. But hope is justified because the science is finally here. The cancer drama has lasted for too long.