As you understand, we have opened the Pandora's box. We have taken a decisive step in understanding living things. The notion of good, bad or mad cells have been replaced by fluxes of electrons and protons. Life is no longer a miracle but the ineluctable consequence of the second principle of thermodynamics. We consist first and foremost of water molecules animated by streams of particles. Pandora's box refers to the box opened by the Greek mythical woman Pandora who released all human evil into mankind. Pandora was shocked when all evil came out and closed the box quickly. The only thing that remained in the box was hope. That's how it is explained so much disaster is coming over humanity, but why we still have hope.


Others will explain that memory and intelligence are also only the consequences of the ballet of particles in the omnipresent water.
Water molecules communicate with each other. These water molecules are bathed in a vacuum that we do not yet understand. Physicists teach us that neutrons, protons and electrons, that is, all atoms, make up only a tiny fraction of the mass of the universe. The rest would be this mass and this gray energy of which no one knows, today, what it is made of.

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Between these water molecules reigns a vacuum. But we know today that emptiness is not nothingness. A vacuum is just a low energy state of nature. When the vacuum is subjected to an oscillation, an energy emerges.

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There is vacuum between water molecules. And we now that there is energy in this vacuum. We can hypothesize that our water molecules are in contact and exchange with this unknown world. We can dream these molecules as the link with a world yet to be discovered.
Dreaming is necessary, understanding a necessity. As for me, I see that there is so much to discover. This is what allows me to struggle in this world of unreason. I have no doubts that these discoveries will continue. Our children will learn about life in distant universes. We will probably understand that we are not only matter but also energy and information. Quantum physics teaches us that a particle can be here and there at the same time, that it can be particle or matter, that its nature depends on the observer.
Several friends have told me about their feelings of near death. One of them goes into cardiac arrest in the hospital recovery room. He sees himself leaving his body and notices surgeons bustling around his body. The heart restarts and it returns to its carnal envelope. As for me, following a fall I broke four vertebrae. I passed out and saw myself leave my body.
Ancient myths describe the body and the soul. Physics will perhaps one day demonstrate that we are not just matter. It is by dreaming a decisively new future that societies move forward.