The purpose of this text is to warn about the upcoming revolution. Cancer and related diseases are on the way to being understood. Efficient molecules exist and are available at low cost. These treatments obviously need to be validated and improved, but seeing these scourges disappear is a real possibility. The consequence of a dramatic increase of life expectancy should be discussed and anticipated.

This work has only been possible through a new framework, placing medicine in its rightful place, that is to say as an art responding to the universal laws of physics. To grasp the disease is also to understand the living. Life is both marvelous and the fruit of the simple laws. We, human beings, are the consequences of these simple equations.

We have made the choice of honesty and transparency as the stakes are high. No one can alone find the right answer to these questions. It is time for others, scientists and non-scientists to join us and take up the torch, the stakes are so enormous, the challenges major, the hope overwhelming.


This text that I have carried has been written over many years with many contributions. I think first of the patients who had the courage to try the impossible and report their experiences. Going out of what is agreed upon, rebelling against the unspeakable comes at a heavy price that most of us have paid.
As for scientists, they will recognize themselves. It was a great adventure that I'm sure we are all proud to have lived and survived.