Francine suffers from an aggressive skin cancer called melanoma.

This cancer has thrived. She was operated upon in 2016 and the cancer relapsed six months later. Abdominal bleeding was caused by interferon immunotheray with Nivolumab, which was equally ineffective and toxic.. Radiation therapy to the multiple skin metastases did not sterilize the lesions. In 2020, treatment with chemotherapy (Deticene) did not work. In February 2021, a new immunotherapy (Keytruda) was tried without result. In June 2021, Francine's left leg was lined with oozing and infected skin metastases. To find out if an amputation can save Francine, her doctor ordered a PET scan. Skin metastases bind radioactive sugar, and lymph node metastasis in the fold of the groin appeared. Amputation was therefore contraindicated, palliative care was recommended. She was told to return home and await death. Francine is fortunate to be followed by the same family doctor as Valérie and therefore receives the same treatment, namely :

  • Lipoic acid 800 mg morning and evening
  • Hydroxycitrate 500 mg morning noon and evening
  • Chlorine dioxide 4 drops every three hours (i.e. five times per day)
  • DMSO 24 drops with 12 drops of chlorine dioxide in friction at bed time

Within a few days, the masses began to regress. They stoped oozing. The patient became hopeful about this treatment.
A new PET scan confirmed remission three months laterTen months later she lives a normal life.

Figure 1 : PET-scan of Francine at three months interval showing tumor regression.

 Francine PET scan showing Tumor regression