These are not isolated cases. The Internet is buzzing with cases of cancer patients treated with chlorine dioxide, methylene blue and/or artemisinin. Patients claim a favorable effect. They do not give accurate description of their medical history. As of today, it is impossible to claim success. But hope is here.

Other patients tell amazing stories. A woman in her sixties who is not suffering from cancer, but is on a ketogenic diet (that is to say no longer consuming sugar, but rather easting lipids) sees her white hair return to its original dark colors. Another women, who has been in menopause for ten years, is having a hormonal cycle again. Other patients who treat themselves with lipoic acid, hydroxycitrate and methylene blue report feeling rejuvenated. Signs of prostatism or anxiety attacks subside. Today, these are anecdotal cases. But, we, the scientists, believe that we would understand these miracles shortly.