My family and all my pets have been using this for the last 15 years. My elderly parents also use it and I have many friends who have had cancer and have used it to keep the cancer from spreading and they are still alive!! It is wrong that they are labelling a product incorrectly and the facts they are presenting are lies. Now they are putting suppliers in jail. In NZ they had 8 (4 medsafe and 4 police) storm our supplier why????? This is not democracy. He is selling the water purifier and why are they so concerned about it ???? No one has died in NZ, and hundreds of his customers are happy. Many more die of Pharmaceutical pills that FDA say are safe. Yet here is Medsafe which is owned by the drug companies hounding an innocent supplier. They must be afraid that a simply solution can help COVID and their vaccine plans go to waste. They have also stopped the hydroxchloroquine drug which has had success as well. Why don’t they ask the users of the database that they have stolen from our NZ supplier to see how many of the MMS or water purifier solution (WPS) are sick and dying of the product they have purchased. Its so cheap and so simple and so effective that goes against their plan. My arthritis in my knee and hips is kept under control when it flares up it is the only product that I can take that reduces the inflammation and pain for the last 3 years. Our dog never goes to the vet and has his water purified every day and so do our horses drink purified water. I could go on and on. How can we stop this they have squashed so many successful cacner cures in the past including the black ointment that my husband had on his basal carcinoma successfully removed a small spot on his ear that was as large as 20 cents underneath. Now the FDA have scared and threatened the suppliers that you cannot get it anymore.