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Apoptosis is a voluntairy celldeath in which the cell first shrinks and then disappears, This proces is countrairy to necrosis where a cell dies by traumatic cell death that results from acute cellular injury. Necrosis means: the cell rots away leaving toxines behind. So in a way, apoptosis is a good thing.

The use of chlorine cell apoptosis inducer kit for the preparation of drugs for the treatment of tumors, or the preparation of anti-aging drugs for mammalian target tissues. It can be used in cosmetics or in the preparation of chemotherapeutic drugs.

The proces van apoptosis is induced by chlorine dioxide.

Effect on humans lung cancer cells of chlorine dioxide, A549, a type of cancer cell: Results: it can effectively kill A549 cancer cells.

It does not only kill lungcancer, but a lot of cancers were succesfully killed by a small dose of chlorine dioxide.


Stemcells regenerate damaged tissues. By inducing chlorine dioxide this method induces ...


The essence of aging and anti-aging thinking and anti-cancer thinking

Abstract : This article proposes a standard aging model, which is compatible with traditional aging theories, and gives the reasons for aging, as well as anti-aging ideas. According to the aging model, the lifespan of the body depends on the difference between the number of accumulated senescent cells during a period of time and the cells that are cleared and regenerated during that period of time. If the ability to eliminate senescent cells and regenerate healthy cells improves, life span can be extended. This article first proposed and tested the use of acidic chlorine dioxide solution as an apoptosis inducer to promote necrosis, autophagy or apoptosis of senescent cells to eliminate senescent cells and regenerate young cells, thereby prolonging lifespan. At the same time, this article found that cancer conforms to the aging model, so it is determined that cancer is a manifestation of aging, and its causes and treatment ideas are consistent with aging.