Methylene Blue protecting against covid19, image showing coronavirus and its spikes

methylene blue injection

Het gaat hier om een groep Franse kankerpatiënten. Ze kregen allemaal het medicijn Methylene Blue en geen van hen kreeg corona. Toeval? Dit is een sterke aanwijzing dat Methylene Blue een probaat geneesmiddel zou kunnen zijn tegen corona. Maar helaas, Main Stream Media laat deze publicatie links liggen.

2020-03-30: We report the case of a cohort of 2500 French patients treated among others with methylene blue for cancer care. During the COVID-19 epidemics none of them developed influenza-like illness. Albeit this lack of infection might be by chance alone, it is possible that methylene blue might have a preventive effect for COVID-19 infection. This is in line with the antiviral activity of Chloroquine, a Methylene blue derivative. Both Chloroquine and Methylene blue have strong antiviral and anti- inflammatory properties probably linked to the change in intracellular pH and redox state.


A cohort of 2500 cancer patients with no reported cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection: the possible preventive role of Methylene Blue