Mediterranean BioMedical Journals
Integrative Journal of Medical Sciences
2020, Volume 7, 229
DOI: 10.15342/ijms.7.229

A New Perspective for Prevention and to Cure COVID-19 Patients: Encouraging Medical Teams to Contact Healed People Treated with Chlorine Dioxide in Solution (CDS)

Enrique A. Martínez
Universidad Católica del Norte, Coquimbo, Chile



This article is written to encourage medical teams from all over the world to contact the COVID-19 patients already treated with Chlorine Dioxide in Solution (CDS), a water soluble gas. To contact also their medical teams accompanying the study cases in order to verify the actual health conditions of patients. Finally, the invitation is to question whether CDS should be tried in their respective local healthcare environments, as it is of low cost, it seems highly effective against all viral infections and it has almost no secondary effects.