Effects on fertility

1985: Bron: International Programme on Chemical Safety's Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents Number 37: Chlorine dioxide (2002). Available from, as of December 13, 2017: https://www.inchem.org/documents/cicads/cicads/cicad37.htm#8.7.1


Developmental or Reproductive Toxicity

Groups of 10 male mice received oral gavage doses of up to approximately 16 mg freshly prepared aqueous chlorine dioxide/kg body weight on each of 5 consecutive days. Animals were killed 1, 3, and 5 weeks after the last administration, and caudal epididymides were removed for analysis of 1000 sperm-heads from each animal. There were no differences seen in the percentage of abnormal sperm-heads at any time point.


Commentaar CLO2.nl: HEEL interessant!

  • 16 mg/kg body weight per day, gedurende dan praat je over waarden die je kunt vergelijken met het Oeganda-protocollen.
  • Resultaat: niets... no differences.
  • Helaas, er wordt geen concentratie vermeld.